What the birds see

The city is a carousel on the pediment of which is written REALITY.You just have to hop in.

Unexpected sequence-shot, filmed in real time by the performers themselves, aimed at a contemplative audience of fifty people (audiovisual bath). Not recorded, three live short audiovisual sequences collide with the unforeseen city in movement. The pattern of the play is written but under the influence of the coincidental (no improv). Five artists cooperate in the livetake : three performers, a composer and a video maker.

Powerful factory of the normality, the so-called « public space » is also the theatre of its own intimacy. By searching in the cracks what managed to escape the norm, our subject is what we make of this intimacy.
Here, nothing spectacular or sensational : intimacy is no banging business. It’s a pulse, secret and uncompromized, the background of the city itself. It is what escapes the public space as soon as it becomes a dictate, an order to consumerism, a technophile reflex, or more broadly an utilitarian or securitarian reflex ; the ambiguous source of all segregations.
This intimacy is then considered impossible to grasp. In the margin. So we are going to build a trap, a net, which will enable us to capture it and observe it.
In the street, from our human means of expression, delicate and sensitive, another city transparently appears for us, briefly and in our heads. But only the birds could see it. In broad daylight, things are happening without anyone noticing but the birds.

Before telling the stories, we always imagine the apparatus. And the fairground is often the treasure chest in which we glean to build our theatre.
Unusual experience between theatre and cinema, between a carousel and a sensorial experience, this show is a form of open-air cinema, its ephemeral nature being that of theatre. In fact, there is no recorded image, but an the aptitude to use the contingencies of the city, of the streets, of the village square. The audience has screens in front of their eyes, and before they know it they will end up on that merry-go-round with their own part to play.
The sequences are played without interruption, and the group changes between each fiction. Hovered at the heart of daily life, we board on a nest amongst the passers-by and the traffic.

Created in May 2022 - Festival iTAK
Director Charlie Windelschmidt
With Louise Forlodou, Louise Morin, Ronan Rouanet and Nikita Faulon
Authors Lisa Lacombe et Morgane Le Rest
Scenography Camille Riquier
Construction Emmanuel Bourgeau et Quentin Alart - Ligne21
Sound creation Gwenole Peaudecerf
Video creation Stéphane Leucart

Le Manège, scène nationale de Maubeuge (59)
Le Fourneau, centre national des arts de la rue et de l’espace public de Brest (29)
Le Liburnia / Fest’Arts, théâtre municipal de Libourne (33)
Art’R, lieu de fabrique itinérant pour les arts de la rue à Paris et en Ile -de-France (75)
Scènes Nomades / Festival Au Village, Brioux-sur-Boutonne (79)
Lacaze aux Sottises, centre expérimental des arts de la rue et du cirque en Pyrénées-Atlantiques (64)
Festival Et 20 l’Été - Paris XXème
Le Moulin Fondu, centre national des arts de la rue et de l’espace public - Garges-lès-Gonesse (95)

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