Itinéraires d’artiste(s) (An Artist’s Journey)

Coopération - Nantes - Rennes - Brest - Rouen- Le Mans

Cooperation. ’Itinéraires d’artistes’ (An Artist’s Journey) initiated in 2014 enabled to offer experimentation and research space to artists from all disciplins, wether barely or completely unnoticed by institutions and production/diffusion networks; offering personalized support, mobility and visibility in each areas to the artist-in-residence.

This program of intertwinged residencies has favorized the mutual understanding of Nantes and Rennes’s art scene, and stimulated the audience mobility between and within the two cities. In 2017, Brest joined in and agreed on the following common objectives, wich constitutes the cement of this cultural cooperation.

> to develop creativity, research, as well as artistic and cultural innovation
> to support emerging artists and the renewal of the art scenes on the territory
> to intertwine artistic disciplins
> to encourage the artist’s mobility

The city of Brest stands by a strong and ambitious policy in culture, notably by supporting the Cie Dérézo, in its hosting and guiding mission for artists within its own workspace: the Chapelle Dérézo.

Different structures (Dérézo – Brest, Au bout du plongeoir – Rennes, Les Fabriques, Laboratoire(s) Artistique(s) – Nantes and the CDN – Normandie-Rouen) have united to create a common support program, guiding and hosting artistic teams through a journey of residencies between the four cities. This interaction enables to share the skills and networks of each hosting structure and reinforces movement and mobility on the territory.

Beyond the exchange between structures, it puts on common ground what each city has to offer a cultural project, expanding it to the whole region, with the ambition of a national radiation in the future.