The place

" In this atypical space, a chapel most likely erected during the post-war reconstruction, remains stoups and a black marbel altar. And where the nef used to be stands the major rehearsal stage."
Libération le 15 avril 2016 - Frédérique Roussel


Devoted to research, the Chapelle Dérézo is, first of all, the permanent workspace of the Compagnie Dérézo (headquarters for rehearsals, comunity projects, workshops, experimentations). But it’s also a studio, a fabric open to artists from here and there.

In this sharing spirit, the Compagie Derezo has chosen to put it’s worktool available for those who seek to dig in, work, experiment...

Anchored in Brest, in its popular and historical quarters, facing the sea, it was destroyed during WW2 and rebuilt from its ashes. This desacralized church, incredible workspace (12 meters high under the nef, 225 set square meters) was put at the disposal of the Compagnie Dérézo in 2011 by the city of Brest, for a long lease agreement of 21 years.

The Chapelle provides proper sound and lights engeneering, as well as video equipment. It’s heated in wintertime, and also has a small constructions workshop, its own kitchen and flat, and even a basement.

Around a hundred artists, french and international, have worked in the Chapelle since its opening.