Transmission - or passing on - has become a full piece in the existence of the Compagnie Dérézo. A modus vivendi as a response to some ethical questions, some political and public space preoccupations, but also as a desire to diffuse and broadcast poetics, to give movement to bodies and thongues, to untie and to participate in transforming consciences. All this to offer experiences of creation and freedom, to unsettle and untidy. This implies moving what has been tidied in a certain order, always questionning what seems to have become consensus. Often very early in human life.

So, on the education/transmission debate, our minds – without ever closing – are set around « What to pass on, why, and to whom ? ».
Is it about techniques and knowledge ? Passing on sensitiveness ? Passing on the singular aesthethics of a team of artists ? Passing on the acknowledgement of a process of creation ?

So many layouts, whether they are scholar or not, are taken as so many opportunities to react and debate over questions of form and content...
Right next to the entertainment industry, we experiment spaces where you don’t necessarily educate « enlightenned consumers », but where complexities and singularities can emerge through the artistic practice.
Playing with bodies in movement, whithout looking for performance or efficiency.

To arouse imagination, to play on the malicious methaphorical, aphorical or symbolical playgrounds, to come across resisting languages, to encourage a blunt look on oneself, on others and on the world, to be aware of the world’s representations, to put intersubjectivity in perspective. To tune in visions to motivate complexity. Diversity. And common grounds.

We don’t stage art as one truth. We try, by building the materials and the structures of the projects with our partners, to guide the wild journey of this apprenticeship : because one has to learn sensitivity, one has to work it out.

Complexity can be joyful.