Secrets Under Helmets

Urban experience

Follow the guide for a micro-hike in urban architecture

Headphones on, you will be guided in real time as you’re walking in the streets of the city, by a voice, and sometimes by the gestures of a performer.
At the heart of the the inhabitants’ and the urban architecture’s movements, you will be subjected to a theatrical operation that will, similar to a video editing, highlight a text, a voice, a music and a city. A city amputated from what anchors her in ’reality’: sound.

It’s a body’s journey in a reinchanted city. Borderline guide and character, the performer will tenderly take you in an audio stroll where heritage and theatre flirt with humor. In that sweet twenty-minutes ramble, you will be the witnesses of another city within the city.

Created in February 2018, for the Oups Festival
Director Charlie Windelschmidt
20 minutes - adaptable guests

|> for the three 4*4 little forms *
* Always invested of acting on the edge of cultural habits, the Dérézo team – under the direction of Charlie Windelschmidt - gives a theatrical dimension where it’s not expected. Moments of meaningful parties, the three shows summon the spectators to re-live a very familiar little ritual : breakfast, a little walk, or the apéro.

© PF.Watras