The project

This research space, free from programing obligations and with very high standards of logistics, is meant to be a bridge between artists and institutions.

No shows on that stage, but ’presentations’ (on conditions). No rent, but a participation to costs – in a fair and participative spirit. It’s a cooperative zone, a crossroads between the artists and the disciplins of the contemporary arts scene. The Chapelle is a place which enables research, favors experimentation, a place where it’s allowed to doubt. A space where the artist can explore the time necessary for the process of his journey.

The time to try, to look back, to reverse, to understand, to foresee... On his work, on his show, on his relation with the audience . The time to take in the contigencies of the stage, the requirements involved in the building of a workpiece, the necessary abnegations, and the time to value his wanderings...

This artist-en-residence spot is complementary to the existing structures, with different missions and imperatives. Hand in hand with Brest’s cultural institutions (le Quartz – national stage, le Fourneau – National Center for Street Arts, la Maison du Théâtre, la Carène, le Mac Orlan,...), the Chapelle exists to fulfill an artists’ necessity.

We think this sort of tool is only too rare, though being an important piece in the present cultural machinery, because it calls for new considerations. The various artists who have stayed there can testify of its necessity and pertinence.