The Company

Anchored in Brest since May 2000, the Compagnie Dérézo, polysemous theatre adept, offers performances that go beyond frames. From one genre to another, wether indoors or out in the open, it affirms the necessity of inventing a critical approach to our age, never leaving behind its will to party and civic sense. Standing their ground as research workers, its artists create the possibility of a poetical action strended to its limit : politics.

On the workbench of "meaning" are invited the living authors willing to seek beyond. It’s the powerful workspace of the collective desire aimed at unhingeing the industry of understanding, and at using pirouettes to revocate the comical (but ô so widely accepted) idea that art can exist without artists.

In the heart of the city, the Compagnie Dérézo welcomes the testimonies, the fantasies, and the worries of its inhabitants ; and it can reafirm them, re-enchant the fact that being together is work, responsability, and a weapon.